Thursday, October 27, 2016

Living It Down

“After those years of running loose, I repented. After you trained me to obedience, I was ashamed of my past, my wild, unruly past. Humiliated, I beat on my chest. Will I ever live this down?”  --Jeremiah 31:19 (The Message)

I used to call Lexi our “demon dog.” She was so wild and unruly, completely undisciplined, like she was possessed (or didn’t possess self-control). Now she’s not so bad. In fact, I can hardly remember anymore the walks that made me cry. Lexi doesn’t either. She has no remorse. But we humans carry the weight of our wild, unruly past, of our mistakes, of our failures. We have remorse. We worry we’ll never live them down. Now I’ve trained Lexi to obedience, and we walk together happily. God trained us to obedience, and we walk with him joyfully. I can hardly remember Lexi’s transgressions. God forgets our sins entirely. We live them down if we live in Christ.

Dear God, Assure me that your forgiveness is complete and that I’ve already lived down my wild, unruly past. Amen

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