Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Job Training

“I’ve heard the contrition of Ephraim. Yes, I’ve heard it clearly, saying, ‘You trained me well. You broke me, a wild yearling horse, to the saddle. Now put me, trained and obedient, to use. You are my God.”  --Jeremiah 31:18 (The Message)

Lexi isn’t a working dog. We didn’t train her to do a job. We taught her to walk for her own sake, for her physical exercise and mental stimulation. We Christians are training to do a job, whatever work God is calling us to do. God teaches us obedience so he can put us to use. We learn to walk in faith for our own sakes, yes; God teaches us to walk in faith so we can know peace, hope, and love. But that isn’t all. Together we’re working for God’s kingdom.

Dear God, I’m still in training. I’m still learning obedience. Nevertheless, put me to use for your kingdom. Amen

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