Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Aimless Wandering

“Then God said of these people: ‘Since they loved to wander this way and that, never giving a thought to where they were going, I will now have nothing more to do with them—except to note their guilt and punish their sins.’”  --Jeremiah 14:10 (The Message)

I don’t keep Lexi on a leash to prevent her from running away. I don’t think she would run away. If Lexi was unchained, she would almost certainly wander around the neighborhood this way and that, not giving a thought to where she was going, following whatever scent caught her fancy. She would wander farther and farther from home until she was tired and hungry or scared. Then she would come back. Wandering off isn’t the same as running away. Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son illustrates the consequences of running away from home. But, according to the prophet Jeremiah, aimlessly wandering around, behaving thoughtlessly and carelessly, not intentionally defiant but purposeless, disappoints God, too. We’re just as likely to get ourselves into trouble as if we had defied God and fled. And we’re certainly not following his path for us. I walk Lexi on a leash so I can lead her away from oncoming cars, aggressive dogs, inedible trash, etc. We walk with God so he can lead us Home.

Dear God, Teach me to walk with you so I don’t wander this way and that, aimless and purposeless. Amen

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