Friday, August 5, 2016


“So, my dear children, don’t let anyone divert you from the truth.”  --1 John 3:7a (The Message)

While construction is underway in our neighborhood, water from the creek behind our house has been diverted by a series of pumps and hoses. Lexi and I pass the pumps every day on our morning walk. One is named “Whisper Watt.” It isn’t noisy, but I can hear the low hum of its motor. I can hear the slosh of the water in the hoses, too. The course of the creek shaped the entire neighborhood: it defined property lines, constrained where houses could be built, determined roads and bridges. Yet with a pair of pumps and a long canvas hose, the creek was completely rerouted. As Christians, we follow the course of God’s truth. Yet we can be diverted from our course (The Way, the path of righteousness) by lies, temptation, self-interest, or despair. Sometimes we’re completely rerouted. But God can redirect us. Water from our creek is pumped back into the creek farther down the canal. When we’re diverted from the truth, God will steer us back on course—so that we can continue to walk with him.

Dear God, Don’t let anyone or anything divert me from the truth. But if I am diverted, steer me back on course. Amen

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