Friday, July 22, 2016


“[B]ut God has surely listened and has heard my prayer.” –Psalm 66:19

Lexi doesn’t always listen to me. I can call her name, slap my thigh, make kissy sounds, and clap my hands together, and she ignores me completely. God always listens to us. We can whisper his name, moan, wail, shout, or scream: God pays attention. Sometimes we assume he’s ignoring us when our prayers aren’t answered right away. Responses like “Wait” or “No” frustrate and disappoint us. Maybe we feel like we’re shouting, sobbing, screaming to no avail. But God hears us. God hears us when we give him the silent treatment. God hears us when we have nothing to say. God always listens to us. Lexi can listen to me once she calms down and re-focuses on me. We’ll know God is listening to us once we calm down and focus on him. And if we are quiet, we will hear him, too.

Dear God, Thank you that you always listen to me. Amen

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