Sunday, June 5, 2016

Healing the Lame

“The blind and the lame came to [Jesus] at the temple, and he healed them.” –Matthew 21:14

One day on our walk Lexi started limping and stopping to lick at her left front paw. After she stopped two or three times I bent down to examine her foot. I didn’t see a thorn in her paw or find anything between her toes. She didn’t seem to mind if I touch or squeezed her paw. I didn’t know what was wrong. At home later I looked more closely and realized that a layer of skin had been rubbed off her paw. She had a mild abrasion. She limped and licked for a few days, and then it healed. Deuteronomy 15:21 instructs the Israelites, “If an animal has a defect, is lame or blind, or has any serious flaw, you must not sacrifice it to the Lord your God.” What about us? We confess that we are lame and blind and have serious flaws. Are we not good enough to offer ourselves to the Lord? Fortunately, Jesus can heal the blind and the lame. By God’s grace, we are made acceptable as living sacrifices (Romans 12:1). Even when we walk with God, we can start to limp. God knows what’s wrong, and he can fix it. We will heal.

Dear God, Thank you for healing me when I begin to limp on my walk with you. Amen

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