Saturday, May 14, 2016

Walk Away

Vultures and skunks will police the streets; owls and crows will feel at home there. God will reverse creation. Chaos! He will cancel fertility. Emptiness!” --Isaiah 34:11 (The Message)

One morning while I was walking Lexi through a grassy meadow, we encountered four baby skunks. I kept the dog at a distance because I didn’t want her to hurt them; I didn’t want us to get sprayed, either. (Baby skunks can spray when they are only eight days old.) What we didn’t do was turn and walk the opposite way. The little skunks were adorable. I watched them for a few minutes before we went on. When we walk in faith, we encounter things that we know we should leave alone, but we can’t resist stopping. If we aren’t wise, we’ll eventually be too diverted to keep walking with God at all. This is the iniquity Isaiah warns the Israelites about. They had stopped walking in God’s way. God was angry (34:2). If the Israelites didn’t atone, the wicked, corrupt, and merciless things that they invited in would take over, and God would allow it to happen. I enjoyed watching the baby skunks play in the pasture, but I wouldn’t want them in my living room. We don’t want diversions from our walk with God to overrun our lives, either.

Dear God, Teach me to walk the opposite way from distraction so that I don’t get diverted from walking with you. Amen

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