Tuesday, April 19, 2016

God's Own Time

“…which God will bring about in his own time…” –1 Timothy 6:15a

Usually I’m very strict about the length of Lexi’s walks. I keep an eye on the time and make sure we’re back home after thirty minutes. But one afternoon I wasn’t in a hurry and the weather was lovely, so I let Lexi sniff and explore to her heart’s content. I didn’t check my watch at all. She headed home when she was ready. And to my surprise, our walk lasted exactly thirty-two minutes. Apparently I should trust more in Lexi’s sense of time. We should trust more in God’s sense of time, too. We make our own plans. We set limits and deadlines. We’re impatient for things to change. We’re anxious to reach our goals. But God in his infinite wisdom brings about all good things in his own time. When we walk with the Lord, we shouldn’t keep checking our watches.

Dear God, Teach me to trust in your timing. Amen

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