Monday, February 22, 2016


“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” –Acts 2:42

I walk Lexi twice a day—before breakfast and before lunch—and play fetch with her in the yard before dinner. My husband takes her out again before bedtime. This lucky dog gets plenty of exercise. I’m pretty devoted to our daily routine, but there are occasions when Lexi misses a walk. The day I had oral surgery I felt too sick to walk her. I was barely able to clip on her leash and stumble out to the yard to let her go potty. When our kids’ grandparents were visiting, we took a daytrip and weren’t back until dinnertime, so Lexi missed her midday walk. Missing a walk occasionally doesn’t seem to do her any harm. However, Lexi can’t skip too many walks without serious consequences. She’d become bored and destructive, she’d gain weight, and she’d likely develop arthritis in her hip.* How many walks can she skip before she (and we) begin to suffer? We wonder the same thing when we walk with God. We all occasionally miss a step,  whether we skip church, skip our devotional time, or skip our turn at the soup kitchen. But we can’t skip too many of these commitments without serious consequences. Our suffering won’t be in Hell; God won’t punish us eternally for missing church. But we’ll miss out on the blessings of worship, fellowship, service, and contemplation. It was to these things that the early Christians—the followers of The Way—devoted themselves. If we’re devoted to them, too, then we know we’re walking enough with God.

Dear God, Teach me to be devoted to walking with you. Amen

*Lexi was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Regular exercise keeps her hip joint healthy.

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