Wednesday, December 16, 2015

When Tempation Dogs Us

“Go now and leave your life of sin….” –John 8:11b

Lexi became better at ignoring distractions—that is, people and other dogs—as time went by. But sometimes distractions wouldn’t ignore her. One day we were walking through the middle of a housing complex when we heard a sharp whistle. We both turned and saw that a tiny brown dog was following us. The owner had whistled to call it back, but it persisted in dogging us. I repeated “Leave it, leave it” to Lexi and urged her along. She was trying to follow my commands, but it was hard for her to give up on such a persistent temptation. Sometimes temptation dogs us Christians in the same way. Jesus urges us “Leave it, leave it,” and we try to follow God’s commands. But temptation follows us even when we try to walk away. It’s hard to give up on such a persistent temptation; maybe we give in. Or maybe we don’t. Lexi turned to look over her shoulder several times but she kept walking, and eventually we left the little dog behind. By God’s grace, it is possible to leave our life of sin.

Dear God, Even when temptation dogs me, help me to leave it behind. Amen

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