Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Walking in Circles

“Folly brings joy to one who has no sense, but whoever has understanding keeps a straight course.” --Proverbs 15:21

When we're out for a walk, Lexi understands that the walk is over when we turn back towards home. Consequently, she can be a little uncooperative when we begin to retrace our steps. I have tried to trick her by walking in a loop, but she’s savvy. We Christians are not always as savvy as Lexi. Sometimes we get tricked into walking in circles by our own greed or selfishness or fear. We go around and around and never get anywhere. When we walk in faith, Home is always ahead of us. We don’t get there by circling round it or turning back. We should not cooperate with the forces that would lead us off course. We should keep a straight course to God.

Dear God, Help me resist the forces that would lead me in circles or make me turn back from you. Amen

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