Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Do Unto Others

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”  --Luke 6:31

 Lexi is still learning how to behave toward other dogs. We avoid them, if possible, but sometimes we can’t. When Lexi greets another dog, she sniffs at him first. Then she rolls over to show submission. Then she immediately leaps to her feet ready to chase and play. Of course she’s restrained by her leash. Excited and frustrated, she begins to bark and pull. The other dog feels threatened and also begins to bark. The meeting ends with the other owner and me tugging our dogs apart. We can’t avoid other people when we’re walking with God, either. Maybe we’re cautiously friendly at first. Maybe we express a willingness to be helpful. Maybe we’re even eager to cooperate. Then at some point we get frustrated and disappointed. We upset the other person. Maybe the relationship ends with each person pulling away. What went wrong? Lexi goes wrong because she can’t conceive how the other dog feels. She’s only thinking about what she wants—to play—and her own feelings of excitement and frustration. Perhaps we’re guilty of the same thing, sometimes. We want to be heard, but we don’t always listen. Walking with me, Lexi gets some guidance with her doggie interactions. Walking with God, we get some guidance with our relationships.

Dear God, Help to recognize other people’s needs and feelings. Teach me to listen. Amen

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