Monday, October 19, 2015

Time Limits

“…[B]ut we will walk in the name of the Lord our God for ever and ever.” –Micah 4:5b

I walk Lexi for thirty minutes in the morning. On weekdays we have a strict time limit because I have to be home from our walk in time to bike with the kids to school. Lexi has some sense of time and how far we can go. She’s usually ready when I cue her that it’s time to head back. However, there are some mornings when she isn’t ready to go back; she wants to explore more or walk further. Do we want to explore more and walk further with God? When we walk with God, there’s no heading back. Home is forward. When we walk with God, there’s no time limit. We have eternity.

Dear God, Thank you that I can walk with you for ever and ever. Amen

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