Sunday, October 18, 2015

Deliver Us From Temptation

“[B]ut deliver us from evil.” --Matthew 6:13b [from The Lord’s Prayer]
“Do not let us be tempted, but keep us from sin.” –Matthew 6:13 New Life Version

One day another dog-walker and I arrived at an intersection at the same time. The woman and her pooch were at the southwest corner. Lexi and I were at the northwest corner. The woman started to cross to our corner when she noticed that Lexi and I were training (that is, I was asking Lexi to sit and stay and treating her good behavior). Instead of crossing, the woman and her dog waited. Then, when the signal turned to “Walk,” they crossed from west to east, paralleling our course. Lexi and I continued straight east, and then the woman turned her dog and headed north. I appreciated her consideration so much. By keeping a distance between us, the other woman preserved Lexi from bad behavior. More often than we realize, God preserves us from bad behavior. We pray, “Lead us not into temptation,” and he leads temptation away from us. He delivers us from doing evil; he keeps us from sinning. Lexi never saw or smelled that other dog; she had no clue that she was saved from temptation. We don’t know when God saves us from unseen temptations, either, but we’re grateful that he does.

Dear God, Thank you for delivering me from evil and keeping me from sin. Amen

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