Monday, September 14, 2015

Find It!

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” --Jeremiah 29:13

When I take our dog for a walk, we often play a game called “Find It.” The game distracts her from other people, dogs, and squirrels she’s not allowed to chase. I throw a dog treat into the grass or bushes along the path, and Lexi finds it (and eats it). This game is fun because Lexi loves treats. If she were indifferent to cut-up hot dogs, then throwing them into the weeds would be useless. When we walk in faith, we seek to find God. He promises that we will find him if we seek him with all our heart. But if we are halfhearted about God, then all the ways he makes himself known to humankind are useless. We will walk right on by. It’s easy to be distracted by other things, or we’re tempted to chase the things we can’t have. Sometimes Lexi can’t find a treat that I throw, and I have to say, “It’s right here.” Sometimes we can’t find God on our path, even though he’s saying, “I’m right here.” When all our heart longs to find him, we’ll see.

Dear God, Make me long with all my heart to find you, so that I will find you. Amen

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